Greetings VT Federationists,
My name is Susan Bellimer and I live in Swanton with my husband Ron. I'm the mother of three grown
children, stepmother to two grown men, and grandmother to eight delightful youngsters.
I was first introduced to the National Federation of the Blind of Vermont at a state convention in
2014, but did not really know anything more until 2018. In 2018 I was chosen by our National office in
Baltimore to attend the national convention of the National Federation of the Blind in Orlando
Florida. They're surrounded by thousands of other members of the Federation, did I truly gain a sense
of who the National Federation of the Blind was. The nation’s largest organized blind movement. I
learned about the many Divisions, groups, and committees. I heard about the programs offered and met
many interesting people from other states. It was an exciting week that opened my eyes and my heart
to the Federation.
In November 2018 I was elected as the Treasurer to the newly formed board of the NFB of VT. Our
state affiliate needed to become active within the state again through the Secretary of State’s office
and a new bank account opened; that was accomplished by the beginning of 2019. I continued in this
role until May 2021.
During the pandemic and the two years of virtual National conventions, my role was to represent VT
as its delegate. It was during this time that I started working with our National office to take the next
step in my leadership of the affiliate. Following the National convention in July 2020, I started
working with Chris Danielsen at our National office; having monthly meetings, planning Vermont’s
next convention, and building a board. The results of all this came to fruition on May 1, 2021, when
President Mark Riccobono presided over our state board elections, and I was elected President of the
National Federation of the Blind of Vermont.
My goals have been to build a full active board, bring awareness of the National Federation of the
Blind and what it offers at the national level to Vermonters, start to build membership and programs
in our affiliate. I continue to build on these goals with hopes of fundraising to help in achieving them.
I’m looking forward to having more in-person activities as well as I start my second term as your
Yours in service,